Climate, aesthetics and practical considerations weigh at AYA Farm

A 21L block bottom bag from KESANOVA has proved to match a number of requirements and considerations for AYA Farm at Pirok. AYA Farm make use of the paper bags every morning to deliver fresh, organic milk to the customer’s door.

21L block bottom bags (320x220x260) in paper and with handle are delivered with AYA Farms beautiful logo, which on the natural colored paper signals sustainability. The farm is located at Pirok between Gostivar and Tetovo.

The paper bag bottom area measures 320×220 mm, and it fits nicely with six bottles of milk, explains Gazmend Muharemi, who is the local entrepreneur behind the family business AYA Farm. The farm’s organic production has just been expanded with a new dairy, which will soon be operational.

Biodegradability is crucial

When organic milk from AYA Farm is supplied in 100% biodegradable paper bags, it is also about taking responsibility.

We have used plastic bags before, but plastic is lying about everywhere, and it does not disappear again, explains Gazmend. And for him, pollution is noticeable:

“We have problems with people dumping waste out here. Especially plastic materials are detrimental to soil quality. The waste is scattered by homeless dogs and ends where the cows graze. Last year we lost a cow on that account.”

“The plastic bags could be used many times, of course, but you do not do that, and then there could only be four bottles in it,” explains Gazmend.

“The paper bags can also be used many times, and this we do in fact.”

Jeff Lee, Gazmend’s partner at AYA Farm, complements:

“We want to act responsibly in relation to climate and nature, and we believe our customers feel the same way. Therefore, bags made of paper!”

Gazmend Muharemi with his son Diar. Gazmend is the local entrepreneur behind the family business AYA Farm.

Facts about 21L brown block bottom bag from KESANOVA:

  • Biodegradable
  • No or low carbon dioxide footprint
  • Recyclable
  • At the forefront of anti-plastic laws
  • Adds to your street credit
  • Adds to your street visibility
  • Long and strong primary fiber
  • Reusable
  • Replaces plastic