Meet the carrier bag family

Here they are. The block bottom carrier bag family. For one times sake, all formats united at the Vardar River bank. Only the “strongman” white 49 liter bag is missing, but the brown twin is in the upper right corner.

Block bottom paper carrier bag family photo. Skopje, August 2019. Bottom left: The 5L (Liter) bag in brown and white and the 17L “flower bag” in brown (wet strengthened) and white. Second row left: white and brown 6L bags, 8L bags, and 12L “lunch bags”. Third row left: 21L brown “doggie bag”, white and brown 10L bags and 15L “conference bags”. Fourth row left: 35L brown bag, white and brown 25L “city shopping bags”, and 26L “shopping bags”. Top left: 35L white bag, 30L white and brown bags, and the 49L “strongman” in brown.

The family is in Skopje to match a developing market. Strong, eco-friendly paper bags with water-based and multicolor printing are entering the scene where plastic bags and bags of inferior paper quality do not suffice (i.e. scumbags).

Find the exact measures, strength indications and more data on KESANOVAs website.

The KESANOVA family values

  • No or low carbon dioxide footprint
  • Recyclable
  • At the forefront of anti-plastic laws
  • Adds to your street credit
  • Adds to your street visibility
  • Long and strong primary fiber
  • Reusable
  • Replaces plastic

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