Our printed block bottom carrier bags have proved to match a dual purpose for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and NGOs.

Paper bag brick bottom NGO

The bags naturally serve practical purposes – also for CSOs and NGOs. However, because of the low prices for even smaller number of prints, the bags can – so to speak – help the organizations get rid of some support means without disturbing the organizations’ brands.

Lots of practical purposes

Carrier bags serve a variety of practical purposes, also for organizations.

For example, CSOs and NGOs often organize field trips within events. Often the organizations use plastic bags to transport food and beverages for the participants.

Should organizations wish to switch to paper, we offer formats that are prepared for transporting individual food packages and beverages (e.g. 250x200x260 mm or 220x125x290 mm).

Conferencing or event material, such as programme, folders, notepads, headphones, maps, and other practical stuff, can easily be handed out in a block bottom carrier bag (e.g. 250x150x340 mm) with a logo of the event, sponsor or organization.

Green profile

It is rare for a CSO or NGO to be primarily interested in purchasing accessories or effects aiming at promoting visibility. Nevertheless, organizations often have a budget for the purchase of these kinds of effects, and the money cannot be spend for anything else because they form part of, for example, an EU grant.

Therefore, a multitude of organizations carrying out events by means of support, spend closet space on colored pens, bags, hats, balloons and the like, made of plastic and in festive colors, and with a printed logo.

Thus, organizations spend money on effects that they do not really need, and even effects that may eventually threaten the organization’s green profile.

In this context, our printed block bottom carrier bags have proved to be a good solution for organizations that want to be environmentally friendly, have a budget line that needs to be spend, and at the same time can find reasonable usage of carrier bags with a printed logo – both before and after the project termination.

Brick bottom paper bag for CSOs