Hotel & Restaurant

Our 21L “doggie bag” (320x220x260)mm is tailored for most of the burger and foil trays used by restaurants and hotels in North Macedonia. Therefore, the bag is perfect for bringing surplus food home after the restaurant visit.

It is also in use for take away food and for catering tasks, when a practical and stylish solution should go hand in hand with marketing: a printed motive reminds the customer of where the food comes from.

Formats that also serve for take away food are 8L (220x125x290)mm, 12L (250x200x260)mm, 17L (350x170x245)mm, or 35L (350x200x400)mm, whose bottom fits exactly to certain foil trays.

In general, block bottom bags have many applications in the hotel and catering industry.

Hotels and other hosts offering lunch packages for tourists’ excursions use more formats, including the ones mentioned above.

Spa hotels can provide towels – and possibly shampoos, soaps, suntan oils and protection – for guests in a bag adapted for the purpose. It could be the wet strengthened 17L “flower bag”, 350x170x245.

We also offer smaller block bottom carrier bags approved for direct contact during food storage (grits, tea, coffee, etc.) as well as burger pockets, baker bags, etc. All including print.

The newly opened CRUX will be the place where tomorrow’s Skopjans feel at home. This includes healthy food, muted music, a comfortable working temperature and a touch of the future. And green packaging.

Posted by Kesanova Doo on Friday, 6 December 2019