CRUX philosophy: Healthy food demands healthy packaging

The newly opened CRUX will be the place where tomorrow’s Skopjans feel at home. This includes healthy food, muted music, a comfortable working temperature and a touch of the future. And green packaging.

CRUX bar counter with KESANOVA carrier bag and staff Marrija (right), Martin and Iva.
Behind the CRUX bar counter is Marija (right) and staff members Martin and Iva. Photo by KESANOVA DOO.

“There are many freelancers and entrepreneurs in this neighborhood,” says Marija Nikolova, who is one of the owners of CRUX, “and they miss a place where they can settle down with the computer for an hour or two. We want to be their anchorage.”

“We believe that modern Skopjans wish to be where they do the right thing. At least, we wish to,” Marija continues.
“This is why we have been looking for sustainable packaging. Among many other things. We still need a little – paper straws for instance – but it’s gonna come.”

CRUX at Mother Teresa

CRUX is located on Mother Teresa 60 (Vodnjanska), with a terrace pleasantly raised above the road, without being packed away. Besides Marija, the team of owners consists of Filip, Martin and Maja. They work hard these days to get off to a running start as smoothly as possible.

“And there is plenty of space to park your bicycle,” Marija jokes. As everywhere in Skopje, there is a lack of parking lots nearby CRUX.
“In fact, we try to turn it into something positive. We probably appeal to the urban types that go by bike.”

The 17L-bag is in line with CRUX demands

KESANOVA provides a variety of formats within paper carrier bags. The standard formats suit most types of take away food.

CRUX has chosen to use a brown 17L bag because it fits their sandwich boxes. The bottom fits exactly two boxes next to each other; with three in height, there is space for six.

CRUX 17L paper carrier bag from KESANOVA
CRUX makes good use a brown 17L paper carrier bag. It fits their sandwich boxes, and healthy food demands healthy packaging. Photo by KESANOVA DOO.

“With the 17L bag from KESANOVA we have a product that is both compostable, reusable and recyclable, and we can change the print as we please.”

“This speaks our language, and we believe it also speaks the language of the customer segments we are focusing on,” concludes Marija.