Food Coop Good Earth support sustainable transport packaging

Each week, the Food Coop Good Earth supplies its members with an assortment of locally produced and organic goods. The goods may be delivered. It is a matter of conscious choice when the cooperative uses paper bags from KESANOVA DOO.

Take Away bag @ KESANOVA
Take Away bags from KESANOVA DOO. Photo: Novatone Group

In due course, another corona autumn will begin, and 10.000s of Skopje citizens will once again have goods brought from various companies. Transport packaging is needed. KESANOVA offers environmentally friendly brick bottom paper bags that are tailored for the purpose.

The Food Coop Good Earth has its good reasons for making use of the bags of KESANOVA:

“Obviously, we abstain from using plastic for transport packaging,” says co-founder Ivo Baru, “because it would contradict the whole purpose of our cooperative.”
Ivo points at the cooperative’s desire to promote sustainability and to keep its ecological footprint as modest as possible.

“So, it was only natural to continue our collaboration with KESANOVA and use their bags for our new online delivery. The best would be a deposit system for transport packaging, but that is not realistic right now.”

Food Coop Good Earth was one of KESANOVA’s first customers in Macedonia. By Food Coop Good Earth, you can find local fresh produce from Macedonia grown the natural way without chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

The benefits that match the ambitions of sustainable consumption, ecology and local production are:

• Biodegradable
• No or low carbon dioxide footprint
• Recyclable
• Reusable
• Replaces plastic

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