KESANOVA Update #1

Paper Carrier bags by KESANOVA DOO of Macedonia
Paper Carrier Bags by KESANOVA ДОО

We also sell bags without print. We have decided also to sell bags without print. As a beginning, we have a price list ready for 15L & 25L bags with handles, and for 6L bags without handles – all in brown KRAFT. We sell one box as a minimum. This is between 150 and 600, depending on the format.

Product news – Pizza bags. In June 2021 we introduced a new product to the Macedonian market, namely Pizza bags. The bags fit 6 pizza boxes, they are extremely solid, and can be used many times. The pizza bags will also fit several cake boxes etc.

Sister company. Kesanova Doo is expanding. We have just established a sister company in Denmark, Kesanova ApS. The production stays in Macedonia.

Newsletter. We plan to issue a newsletter like this, whenever we have special offers (cleanup sale etc.), product news, price changes and/or organizational news. Let us know, if you prefer to receive by email or the like.

Coming up news: wrapping paper; idea bank for customers; favoring pay-on-time customers.

As always, please excuse our missing in-house local language capacity 😉

Best regards,
John Petersen
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