Meet Sara Mitova

From September 1, Sara Mitova is employed at KESANOVA DOO, so now we can communicate in Macedonian again.

Sara Mitova @ Kesanova DOO
Sara Mitova @ Kesanova DOO: “I am excited to help Kesanova introduce solid paper bags on the Macedonian market and to expand their social media engagement and a lot more.”

Sara has already found her place in the graphic industry and has 5 years of experience as a graphic designer, though she is only 26 years old.

At KESANOVA, we are delighted to have got a real team player on board, as Sara also has a past as a professional handball player. Among others, Sara has played for WHC Vardar and Sønderjyske in Denmark.

KESANOVA DOO is a small company in Macedonia, so Sara’s tasks will lie in both production, sales, and development. Especially when it comes to customer contact in Macedonian, we have been looking for help for a long time.

The Danish handball past also means knowledge of the Danish language, which is only an advantage. KESANOVA is an agent for FLEXO WASH, whose headquarters and production are in Denmark. The sister company, KESANOVA ApS, is also located in Denmark.