Need to face the music?

Sometimes you prefer not to face the music, right? Well, perhaps paper carrier bags might be helpful. We became aware of it last week when a picture circulated, of kids using bags to prepare masks for Halloween.

Halloween preparations. October 2019, Skopje.

As the kids showed: paper carrier bags can serve as main ingredient for making masks. In fact, the kids’ creativity was probably even challenging Facebook’s facial recognition systems (add optimism here).

It could be more serious though. Perhaps you have an interest in media catching sight of your message, while at the same time you have no interest in being too visible yourself.

One focus of KESANOVA is printed paper carrier bags for exhibitions or other events, when customers need only a few hundred or thousand exemplars.

However, we didn’t really think of public demonstrations or happenings before, until kind people made us aware of the potential last week. Here you have a few quick samples. Brew on by yourself.

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