Ohrid gets eco-friendly lunch bags

From this season, Ohrid Holidays introduces lunch bags of paper. The tour organizer wants to live up to its own green ideals, and now tourists from home and abroad get their lunch in environmental friendly packaging.

Ohrid Holidays’ elegant 12L paper bag is well matching the beautiful Ohrid Lake. Beginning with the summer season 2019, this practical lunch bag is going to accompany thousands of tourists.

Every year, Ohrid Holidays organizes tours for more than 10,000 guests from home and abroad. Often, travelers are provided with packed lunches before being sent to Bitola (Monastir), Matka, St. Naum Monastery (Sveti Naum) or other popular destinations in and around North Macedonia.

“We cannot in decency send our guests out in the country with plastic bags,” says director Chelik Asim.

“We are fully aware that the amazing nature of the Ohrid Lake area is our livelihood. We live by nature, we value nature, and we would like to take care of our nature and of the climate in general.”

Tourist attraction

By tradition, tourists from the Netherlands are frequent guests around the Ohrid Lake. Ohrid Holidays is tour organizer for and partner with TUI in the Netherlands.

“Our Dutch and Western guests are far more climate aware than the average here in Macedonia, and they do not like to see plastic flying around in nature,” says Chelik Asim, and continues:

“We agree and we all want to prevent it, so now we take our small step. The Dutch demand has in fact helped pushing us in the direction of searching for a more climate-friendly solution – like the bags of paper.”

Ohrid Holidays makes use of 12L bags

At KESANOVA you can find more relevant standard sizes for paper bags when it comes to packed lunches, catering or take-away food.

Ohrid Holidays has chosen a brown 12L brick bottom bag. The bottom of the bag measures 250×200 mm. It is a good size for various sandwiches and small and large meals.

The bottom dimensions fit a wealth of standards in burger packaging, folie trays and other food packaging found in more or lesser environment- and climate-friendly versions.

The prices at KESANOVA are independent of the number of printed colors on the bag. Ohrid Holidays takes full advantage of that with its multi-colored logo.

Facts about 12L brown brick bottom carrier bag from KESANOVA:

  • Biodegradable
  • No or low carbon dioxide footprint
  • Recyclable
  • At the forefront of anti-plastic laws
  • Adds to your street credit
  • Adds to your street visibility
  • Long and strong primary fiber
  • Reusable
  • Replaces plastic