KESANOVA ДОО is owned and founded in 2017 by John Petersen (DK/MK). KESANOVA is anchored in a Scandinavian packaging industry enterprise, operating in markets all over Europe.

KESANOVA ДОО production takes place in North Macedonia.

KESANOVA ДОО is an agent for Flexo Wash (flexowash.com) in North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania. Flexo Wash offers innovative and high-quality cleaning solutions to satisfy individual needs of printers worldwide.

Flexo Wash covers all types of cleaning machines for both solvent and non-solvent cleaning liquids and laser cleaning units as a waste free alternative: anilox cleaning, parts washing, plate washing, sleeve washing, screen washing, cylinder cleaning, cleaning liquids for both manual and machine washing.

KESANOVA ДОО, reg.no. 7273894, tax no. 4082018521556, bank account 210-0727389401-34 NLB BANK AD SKOPJE