FW Anilox+ Cleaner C1 & C2

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The solution FW Anilox+ Cleaner C is developed to safely deep clean aniloxes in an automatic anilox cleaner machine.

20 kg/ two canisters


FW Anilox+ Cleaner C is a water based alkaline solution based on natural soda and special surfactants, designed to loosen the dried ink in the cells of the anilox and provide a sustainable and safe cleaning process.

In Flexo Wash machines the solution is heated, sprayed on the anilox, rinsed off with water and finally dried.

Anilox sleeves must be cleaned using sealed adaptors, as the liquid is corrosive and should be handled with care when used on aluminum and other light metals.

The solution consists of components FW Anilox+ Cleaner C1 (15 kg) and FW Anilox+ Cleaner C2 (5 kg).

The liquids must be mixed 1:1 with water.